A “wash” is considered different than general Uplighting; a color wash is used in a room or space with a general fill of color and light. Your guests know they have reached the party once they step foot in the room and experience the difference. While Uplighting can highlight particular features in a space, wash lighting gives the area a more total transformation. The entire space is lit with soft lighting filters to provide color that is more evenly spread throughout the room. You can use a color wash to provide the entire event space with a warm glow. When combining this with Uplighting or Pinspoting, you can create a dramatic effect that will truly bring out the most important features in your event space.

The best part is, color washing is a relatively inexpensive effect and it can dramatically alter the appearance of your event space.  It’s important to note that not all rooms work well for a Colorwash.  Rooms with lots white or light colored walls work best.  Dark colors or walls made with dark materials like bricks won’t light well since lighting in those rooms isn’t reflected around.  In this instance, Uplighting would work best.  But if you have a light room with white ceilings or perhaps a party tent, then a Colorwash might just be the right fit.  Your Vivid Lighting designer can help you choose the right option for your event and your location.

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