Heat, moving parts, and sometimes brutal operating environments can take a toll on your lighting equipment. Whether your lights are part of a mobile setup or they are mounted in the ceiling of your nightclub, odds are one day they will need repair. These days lighting equipment can span the full spectrum from simple and cheap to complex computerized systems that cost as much as a car. A single Martin Mac Viper Moving Head has a retail cost of $21,995 for example. But regardless how much you have spent on your lighting equipment, it’s still a big investment. If you have equipment that doesn’t work, we can get it up and running so your investment continues to provide a good return. We can usually diagnose and sometimes even repair fixtures right on site for a lot cheaper than sending the equipment off to the manufacturer. No need to wait the 4 to 8 week turnaround that the manufacturer will take. Vivid Events can also offer service plans to ensure that your equipment is always clean, maintained, and ready to work.