Uplighting is the first step towards enhancing the mood and appearance of a space. Uplighting gives your space the special touch it deserves and transforms your event into a magical & unique space. With the infinite color palette of LED uplighting, we work with you to determine the specific colors that will make your space a unique and flattering environment.

Uplighting not only enhances the appearance of your event, it also enhances photographs that are taken by your photographer. Using uplighting gives you full capability to match your events decor and gives your space that special touch. Not only is uplighting visually beautiful, it is also an inexpensive way to transform the appearance of a space.

We use wireless LED lighting to completely transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary. Using the latest in wireless battery powered LED lighting allows us to bring color to your venue plus the freedom to set up your fixture wherever you wish without the restrictions of power or DMX cabling. Choose from a nearly unlimited color palate and even change the colors throughout the night. Every room and venue has features that when lit, will help make your event truly beautiful. From subtle light highlighting the features of the room to bold colors that truly transform the venue, the possibilities are endless. Wedding and meeting venues are neutral by nature. If  your event space is just average, change it with color!

Most people don’t have just one favorite color. Weddings and special events nearly always have a theme or color palate. So why not light your room with different colors too? There is no need to settle on just one color. Our Lighting designers can work with you to pick the perfect colors for every step in your event. Perhaps guests will arrive and eat dinner in a soft amber glow. Then choose that perfect color for your first dance. As the night goes on, the room can change to bolder colors like blues and purples signaling people to head to the dance floor. And as your night goes on, your room can sweep through colors, working with your dance floor lighting to keep the party going as long as you want. Our lighting designers will work with you to make sure your room is perfect and we’ll handle everything from delivery and setup to breakdown. Uplighting will set the mood for your event. It’s by far the most dramatic and cost effective way to turn any venue into something that is truly awe inspiring.


Blue Split Wall

©Azul Photography

©Azul Photography

©Azul Photography

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